Iain has literally transformed my life. I was approaching 40 and, whilst maintaining an exercise regime, was just beginning to think my middle aged spread was part and parcel of the aging process. His immediate assessment was I didn’t have to despair and in fact I could regain a healthy weight. What’s more I could do it with only a few changes to my diet and exercise program. I say a few, but the clever thing about Iain’s program is that what seem like major changes at first (e.g. no carbs, despite my wife still partaking) actually become more and more normal. In fact I feel not just lighter but altogether healthier, as though my body had been needing this change. Iain himself has been a hugely positive coach, prepared to apply common sense solutions that are adapted to the individual, and always careful to emphasise the successes.

I could go on and on, but rather than that it’s a good opportunity to say thank you Iain, you have been a life changer!